Our First Sassy Bloom Box

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I had signed up to Sassy Bloom box – a monthly subscription box filled with goodies for your baby, based on their age and stage of development.

We received our first box today, and we absolutely love it.  I only paid £14 for this one, as I used a 50% off code – normal price is £29.

Here is a video I made showing what we received: Sassy Bloom Video

and here is Bella enjoying her goodies


In the box we received the following:

Jo Jo Maman Bebe bunny – RRP £3.50

Cute little soft bunny.  It’s a hit with Bella already.

Munchkin hot safety duck (for the bath) – RRP £3.00

This tells you if your bath water is too hot.  Haven’t tried it yet, but looks cute and Bella can play with it in the bath when she is a bit bigger

Bright Starts lots of links – RRP £7.99

These have different textures, and can be used to link together toys, or to hang toys off your pram, car seat etc.  Think they will come in handy

Taggies cuddly rattle – RRP £5.99

Very cute giraffe rattle with little tags all over.  Perfect for Bella to munch on!!

Oball 4 inch ball – RRP £4.49

This is our favourite – so simple but so good for little ones.  It is really light and so easy to grab.  Bella finds it difficult to hold her toys as she is so tiny, but she can grab this easily and holds it for ages

Personalised towel – RRP £14.99

This is lovely.  So nice to have something with a personal touch.  It has her name embroidered on the hood of the towel.

Mam Bottle & soother – RRP £7.99

This bottle is a little small for greedy Bella, and we don’t use dummy’s. But i will be giving this to a friend who i’m sure can use it 🙂

Total box value – £47.95

Total Paid – £14

Can’t wait for the next box!

If you want to join, please go through my referral link below – and we can both get money off!


You can also use code ‘Save-50’ at checkout to get 50% off your first box!


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