My Pregnancy

Whilst busy planning our September wedding we decided it would make a lovely surprise on the day if we were to announce that we were expecting a baby. At the end of May 2014 I stopped taking my pill after 13 years, and we decided it was time to try for a baby. I was unsure how long it would take after being on the pill for so long. I was almost adamant it would take us ages but we were lucky that I fell pregnant almost immediately. On the 4th July I decided to take a test, fully expecting it to be a negative but to my surprise I saw the faintest of lines! I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. I took test after test and it was definitely a positive. My dates gave me a due date of the 6th March 2015.

The positive test


At my first scan I thought I was 12 weeks according to my dates, but my date got put back by 9 days and I was told I was actually 10 weeks and 4 days pregnant and due on the 15th March.

My first scan

We decided to keep the pregnancy a secret so that we could make the announcement at our wedding when I was 14 weeks pregnant. We got a helium balloon printed with the scan picture and asked our parents to come up during the speeches. They opened the box and out popped the balloon 🙂


When we returned from our honeymoon we decided to go for a private scan to find out the sex of our baby. That is when we discovered we were having a baby girl.

16 week scan in 3d

I had some extra appointments due to my anxiety around the birth and because I also suffer from social anxiety disorder which heightens my anxiety even more. I saw a consultant midwife who put my mind at ease around the birth. After being at my sisters babies birth where her baby got stuck and she had to have an emergency section, I was really worried the same would happen to me as I was a really tiny size 6 with a 24 inch waist pre pregnancy!. But she assured me that there would be no reason why I would have a difficult birth. I also had extra scans as I am on beta blockers to reduce my anxiety symptoms which can affect the babies growth. Luckily she was growing very nicely.

At 26 weeks and 5 days I was sat watching TV when my belly started tightening. I had no pain but it was a very strange feeling I hadn’t felt before. I decided to time each one, and realised I was having them every 2 minutes lasting a minute each time. I guessed it was braxton hicks but I knew you shouldn’t get this many. We called the hospital and were told to go in for monitoring. When they checked me over we were happy to find that my cervix was still closed and the test to see if you are in labour or not far off also came back negative. But as the contractions were showing as strong and regular on the monitor I had to stay in hospital for 6 days to be given steroids in case the baby arrived and a drip to stop the contractions. It was a scary time and we were being prepared for her arrival at 27 weeks. Eventually I was diagnosed with an irritable uterus which resulted in lots of contractions but no changes to the cervix.

After the episode in hospital the pregnancy went smoothly, with a few extra scans to double check all was ok. Every week that passed was a bonus as we were still unsure when she would arrive and there was still a possibility she would be premature. We were lucky that I managed to get past 37 weeks and Bella was born at 38 weeks and 6 days. 1 day after the date I believed I was due.

Click here to see what happened at the birth and here for some pre birth advice

Here are some pictures of me and my pregnancy

Belly by week


Me at 25 weeks

Me with a few weeks to go

Me with 2 weeks to go



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