Post Birth advice..

  • Never give up on winding. If baby is uncomfortable and won’t burp properly, infacol is your saviour. Have some in the cupboard just in case!
  • Have a back up plan if breastfeeding doesn’t go to plan. Have a box of formula just in case.
  • If using formula, always make sure the scoops are levelled out and not heaped. Otherwise you will end up with an overfed podgy baby!
  • If baby won’t settle in their moses basket, warm it up with a hot water bottle before they are put down
  • During night time feeds make sure the room isn’t too bright, so they know it is night time which should help them go straight back to sleep. Change their nappy before a feed so it doesn’t wake them up after they have fed.
  • If they are struggling to settle, hold them face against your chest, this can settle them as they can hear your heartbeat. We call them monkey cuddles 🙂
  • If you decide not to breastfeed and need to dry up your milk, then drinking peppermint tea and taking sudafed (decongestant) does the trick.
  • Babies have a tendency to wee when you are trying to change them. Weeing directly on a changing mat spreads quickly and goes all over them! Put a couple of pieces of kitchen towel underneath them when you change them, then if they wee this will absorb it and not go all over their clothes.
  • Always have spare baby clothes to hand
  • baby mits always fall off. Try and get sleep suits with in built in mits.


Welcome to my blog 🙂

I am a new mummy to my baby girl Bella Rose who was born on the 7th March 2015.  I thought I’d start a blog to share my experiences of pregnancy,  birth and beyond for any mummy’s out there who want to follow our journey. You can find out about how my pregnancy went, what happened at her birth, and now how we are getting on week by week. I’ll also try and do some reviews and recommendations for any products we have come across that have been lifesavers since Bella’s birth!