The birth

At 38 weeks I was so desperate for our baby girl to arrive and was adamant she would be late. I started going for walks every day – I could only manage about a mile with my big belly, but was keen to keep active. I also bounced on a yoga ball to help get things moving.

On Friday the 14th March, I went for my usual walk and felt pretty energised. I did notice I had slight back ache when walking, but put this down to the weight of my big bump. That evening I was sat watching TV, when my braxton hicks returned. As I had suffered with an irritable uterus I thought it was just that. But when I walked around and when I laid down in bed they were still going very regularly so I had an idea that maybe things might start progressing but didn’t want to get my hopes up so I went off to sleep. At 3am I woke to a more painful contraction. I had never had any pain with my braxton hicks so I thought this was odd. The pain was quickly followed by a small gush of water. I wasn’t sure if it was my waters breaking as it wasn’t very much at all, but it definitely felt strange.  This was then followed by regular painful contractions. We rang the hospital and were told to go straight in. They checked me over and I was told my waters hadn’t broken and I was 2cm dilated. I was adamant they had, and even though they were trickling down my legs they refused to believe it was my waters.  We were sent home and on the journey the pain was horrific. By the time I got home the contractions were very painful and every 3 minutes. Soon after getting home I had a much bigger gush of water so we returned to the hospital. They agreed my waters had gone and I was now 5cm dilated! I tried to keep as mobile as possible, staying on my feet as lying down made the pain worse. I managed to get to 7cm with gas and air (AMAZING STUFF!) when the anaesthetist arrived to insert the epidural. This took a whole hour to get it in properly!! Unfortunately it didn’t work properly and I was only numb on my left side. I had such bad pain in my back and felt none of the contractions in the front. I was having to use gas and air still because of the epidural not working. I got to 10cm at about 9pm and it was time for the midwives to switch over. When the new midwife examined me the babies heart rate dropped. A doctor then came in to examine me and discovered the baby was back to back and wouldn’t come out without help. Her heart rate wasn’t coming back up and we were in theatre within minutes. The epidural was removed and a spinal block inserted. They were going to attempt forceps but the baby was too far up so they had to do an emergency section instead.  I was terrified as it wasn’t the birth I had planned, but I knew they had to get the baby out as quickly as possible.  The spinal block was amazing and I didn’t feel anything at all, not even them tugging her out.  Within 5 to 10 minutes Bella Rose was born screaming.  I was so overwhelmed with emotion, I couldn’t believe I could finally meet my baby girl.  Unfortunately I couldn’t hold her as I was shaking so much from all the medication, but here daddy gave her cuddles until I was back in recovery and much less shaky. Following the birth, Bella had a very swollen head which they thought was fractured from being so squashed in my pelvis.  She had to have an X Ray at 2 days old – thankfully it was just swollen and there was no damage.

We were discharged from hospital after 48 hours, and were finally back home with our baby girl – although I was a little sore from the C section (no where near as bad as I thought it would be)

Although the birth was pretty traumatic, (and did end exactly how my sisters did!) The hospital acted so quickly to ensure we were both ok, they really are great at doing what they need to do to keep you both safe.

In Labour


Bella having her X Ray


Family of 3 🙂



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